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FMVD 226 - Intermediate Sound

No description

John Avarese

on 1 January 2018

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Transcript of FMVD 226 - Intermediate Sound

FMVD 226 - Intermediate Sound
A production sound class
Directing The Score
III. Storytelling through music
"but I don't wanna do sound" doesn't work anymore
II. Audio Post Production
Production Sound Mixing?
I. Production Sound
Hiding Lavs
Camera audio
Panel discussions
Weekly topics
We listen to two 6 minute shows a week
Present from any software you choose
mix a show
Film Score Milestones?
maybe, but there won't be time
Assessed in 3 areas
practical test
couple of recording projects
in class 'labs'
Nomad Competency
editing music
noise reduction
other Topics
Film score composers
2 a week
quiz after presentations
Composer presentation
good production sound doesn't come from equipment
a. Biography—including training, influences on his/her music
b. Filmography—a list of the films the composer has scored
c. A detailed examination of the composer’s musical style.
d. Has the composer gone through stylistic periods during their career?
e. A detailed film example of the musical style from the composer.
f. Media references where necessary.

01 Jeff Beal
02 Thomas Newman
03 Cliff Martinez
04 James Newton Howard
05 Tom Holkenborg
06 Danny Elfman
07 John Debney
08 David Julyan
09 John Powell
10 Mychael Danna
11 Ennio Morricone
12 Alexander Desplat
13 Harry Gregson Williams
14 James Horner
15 Rachel Portman
16 Ramin Djawadi
spotting notes
Whats it all mean?
record something on a Nomad
team lav mixing
in class
mix an Articulate show
composer presentation
composer quiz
spotting notes
6 Quizzes (and a book)
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