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Social Media Marketing

No description

Adam Epstein

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing How to Use Social Media for Marketing Platforms Successful Social Media Marketing Dell Target Unsuccessful Social Media Marketing Wal-Mart Nestle Social Media? Emergence of "...the shift in the World Wide Web from a collection of static sites and experiences to a global space where multimedia applications deliver deeper content and richer interaction between consumers..." Interaction between customer and community sharing of content collaborate! Generate traffic to your site
Increase search engine optimization
Heighten brand-awareness
Drive conversations
Builds strong relationships
Additional Channel for Customer Support
Gain Customer Insight
Gain Competitive Insight
Online Reputation Management Benefits Tools of Common
Platforms Factors for Success Relevance to the customer
Value provided
Strength of foundation Goal of Platforms Engages and empowers its customers with the opportunity to communicate with the organization
Allows the organization to measure and monitor the effects of they have on their customers Likes, wall posts, and fan size on Facebook Tweets & Blogs Posts to annouce new releases Examples Customer Service Advertising Public Relations Promotions Behind the Scenes Considerations Personnel Strategy vs. Organic Growth Brand Awareness
and Development Opportunity Knocking 100 million videos viewed on YouTube daily
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine
346 million read blogs
200 million use facebook, 50% use everyday
over 3 million tweets per day

Starbucks Volkswagen If you were paid a $1 for every time an
article was posted on Wikipedia you would earn $156 per hour Questions
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