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Soft Skills for Project Managers

No description

Russell Whitworth

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Soft Skills for Project Managers

Soft Skills for Project Managers
The Seven Essentials
1. Benefits
2. Scope and Quality
3. Stakeholders and Communications
4. Plan
5. Team
6. Suppliers
7. Risks
Project Management Qualifications
Improving your skills
Russell Whitworth
Q2 Associates

What do we mean by...?
Soft Skills
Intrinsic Skills
People Skills
Project Management Professional (PMI)
I. Initiating the Project - 13%
II. Planning the Project - 24%
III. Executing the Project - 30%
IV. Monitoring and Controlling the Project - 25%
V. Closing the Project - 8%
You will be assessed against 30 criteria and need to demonstrate that you can:

Understand project context and the overall business case;
Effectively apply project management planning;
Apply a risk management process competently to the project;
Optimise project plans to respond to a major change;
Monitor project progress and take suitable controlling action;
Plan and conduct a suitable post project evaluation review;
Work effectively as a team member.
APM Practioner (IPMA Level C)
Source: PMI
Source: Wikipedia
Source: APM
Communications Skills

Negotiating Skills

Conflict Management


Blogs and Tweets
Ian Webster @IanWebster

Anthony Allinson @allinsona

Sir John Whitmore @PCIntl

Q2 Associates @q2associates


Interpersonal Skills
"Project Management
is about People"
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