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Top 20 Speech and Language Apps

UQ Adults Clinic 2012

Marissa Willetts

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Top 20 Speech and Language Apps

Adult Language Voice Motor Speech Miscellaneous Top 20 Speech and Language Apps Created by:
Jerrine Pee, Lucy Rowen, Marissa Willetts,
Amanda Greaves & Jessica Knight Words to Learn By RIDBC Key Signs Sight Words by Photo Touch Lexico Cognition Small Talk Aphasia iComm Decibel10th S/Z Ratio AmpIT Breathing Zone Speak it! Text to Speech iPicto Lite iConverse Speech Sounds on Cue Small Talk Phonemes Small Talk Pain Scale Voice Generator TalkRocket Go Popplet Lite Times the maximum /s/ and /z/ phonation times, and calculates the s/z ratio
References information screen for assistance in interpreting results
Suitable for adults with a voice disorder s/z ratio – $1.99 for iphone/ipad Precisely measures the sound pressure level being recorded
Displays average, peak and max values in both digital and analog layouts
References to help compare sound levels with real life examples
Suitable for adults with a volume-related voice disorder Decibel 10th – free for iphone/ipad Custom built picture and voice communication aid
Can add own photos and voice to communicate own personal set of messages
Suitable for both children and adults with verbal expression difficulties icomm – free for iphone/ipad, full version: $8.49 Develops language understanding, vocabulary building, cognitive, memory and auditory skills
Developed and tested by qualified speech pathologists
Exercises consist of a series of questions to which the answer must be found. The question card must be dragged to the right answer image
Suitable for adults with language difficulties Lexico cognition – free for ipad Learn and study words in different contexts
Each word includes definition, audio pronunciation and synonym
Includes quizzes and knowledge self rating scale
Suitable for adults with language difficulties Words to learn by– free for iphone/ipad Provides 6 in-built communication tiles for individual’s basic needs.
Both visual and auditory output is given on selection of a picture tile.
Ability to make own communication tiles with text, auditory output and pictures. iConverse ($10.49) Teaches Slower, diaphragmatic breathing habits
Recommended by Harvard Medical School
Easy to follow voice instructions
Animated breathing guide
Breathing analyser measures breathing rate
Timed sessions from 5 – 30 mins.
Suitable for Adults and Children of all ages Breathing Zone –
Relaxing Breathing Exercises ($4.49) Provides a vocabulary of pictures and videos that talk in a natural human voice
Includes words and phrases to use in everyday situations
Provides an easy way to make wishes known and practice frequently used words
Suitable for adults with verbal expression difficulties as a result of aphasia smalltalk aphasia – free for iphone/ipad Practice word recognition skills with visual and auditory input
Compatible with many languages with use of the ability to add own items
Adjusts difficulty automatically to keep it challenging
Suitable for adults with word recognition difficulties Sight Words by photo touch – free for iphone/ipad Provides support and clarification for individuals with communication difficulties
Has over 4000 pictograms in 37 categories for communication. iPicto Lite (free) AmpIT ($5.49) Shows how to produce speech sounds in isolation, words and sentences.
Contains over 500 videos, audio and colour photos designed to assist speech production. Includes, recording playback, rhyming words and randomisation.
All video and audio recorded by a qualified speech pathologist
Lite version contains instructions on ‘w’ sound production (free)
Full version $149.99 instructs on all consonant sound productions in isolation, words and sentences.
Suitable for individuals with articulation difficulty caused by Apraxia of speech or other speech difficulties. Speech Sounds on Cue (Free demo available) Amplify your own voice or amplify others for ease of hearing other people and yourself Personal amplification system
Can broadcast and save amplified messages/presentations and replay to audiences at any time.
Used by teachers, presenters, lecturers, music (broadcast live music), audio seminars etc. Free Lite version displays 10 pictograms/category. Full version $1.99. Ability to print, email or store used pictograms.
Includes both abstract and simple ideas as pictograms.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch. iPad version offers additional features such as ability to type text under pictures.
Suitable for adults Select male or female automated voices for auditory output or record your own voice.
Diverse ability to create own pictures tiles, auditory output and text representations allow app to suit all ages and communication requirements. Type text and choose a voice for audio output
4 Voices to choose from
Highlights words as they are spoken
Able to use while on a phone call
Suitable for both adults and children Real life visual recording of individual phoneme production
Emphasises articulator involvement in phoneme production
Small talk phonemes is the first of many small talk apps. Small talk apps include; small talk words, small talk consonant blends etc.
Suitable for adults with speech difficulties resulting from stroke or head injury who have the ability to practice phonemes alone with little supervision. Small Talk Phonemes (Free) Provides videos for individuals with motor speech disorders and/or non-fluent aphasia to practice and increase effectiveness of speech sounds, words and sentences.
To be used in conjunction with therapy from a qualified speech pathologist for VASTtx - Therapy Samples ($9.99) Provides a vocabulary of pictures that talk in a natural human voice
Contains pain descriptions and images from the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Scale Smalltalk pain scale– free for iphone/ipad Enables user to type in what they want to say, and have the iPhone/iPad play it back
Five voices to choose from and the option to control pitch, variance and speed
Suitable for adults with verbal expression difficulties voice generator– free for iphone/ipad Australian based sign language teaching application
Includes a photo of the hand shape used to form the sign, a video clip demonstrating the single sign, a video clip of the sign used in a phrase and a sentence
Suitable for children and adults in the deaf community or with verbal expression difficulties RIDBC Auslan Tutor –
free for iphone/ipad, full version $43.99 Suits a range of communication difficulties as use as an AAC device
Location based vocabulary selection – uses individuals GPS location to determine contextually relevant vocabulary lists for use
Buttons are large for easy use and may be used by individuals with fine motor skill difficulty
Suitable for adults and Children of all ages and communication difficulty
  TalkRocket Go ($109.99) Brainstorming, mind-mapping organisational app
Create charts, plan projects, create lists, photo galleries, used for note-taking etc. Popplet Lite (Free) Speakit – Text to Speech ($1.99) VASTtx - Therapy Samples for best outcomes
Provides functional communication settings for individuals to practice speech in context Enables users to communicate their level of pain
Designed for adults with aphasia, apraxia, or dysarthria. Large variety of uses
Converts to PDF, JPEG for use on computers/projection for presentations
Suitable for adults and children
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