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Richard the Lionheart

No description

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Richard the Lionheart

King of england
his life
Richard the Lionheart
Born September 8, 1157 son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine
Became king
Led the third crusade
Married Berengaria of Navarre
Richard I became king at age 32 when his father and older brother, Henry, died. Besides Henry he had 5 other siblings: Matilda, Geoffrey, Lenora, Joan, and John. Soon after he was crowned he led the third crusade and found a wife on the way. After failing at his original goal to retrieve Jerusalem he started the journey home but was captured. When the people of England raised enough money for his ransom he was released.
his life (continued)
He was a righteous dude
when he returned to England he went to war with Phillip II of France . he was killed in battle by a crossbow bolt and bad medical care. Richard the Lionheart was buried in the French town of Fontevrault. his younger brother John took the throne.
Richard the Lionheart earned his nickname by his fighting skills and extreme bravery.
Richard I was an English king but spoke French and didn't really like England. He was from the Plantagenet line and William the conqueror was his ancestor
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