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Thunder Rose Unit 1 By: Jerdine Nolen

No description

Callum McLean

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Thunder Rose Unit 1 By: Jerdine Nolen

Thunder Rose
Doc Hollerday
Barbara Jay ( the baby )
Jesse Baines and his Gang
The old Wild West.
Main Idea
The main idea of this story was to entertain and to show that Rose was able to do anything as long as she believed in herself.
Authors Purpose
The authors purpose was to entertain readers aout a story in the wild west ( I liked it personally )
Thunder Rose Unit 1 By: Jerdine Nolen
By: Callum McLean
The rising action was when she was using metal and when the bulls came running and Rose was determined to stop them. The climax was when Rose stopped the lead bull and sung her luliby and the bull softened. The resolution was when she named the bull tater because it was her favorate vegetable and they were friends.
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