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Weird Animal Adaptations

No description

Bethany Perez

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Weird Animal Adaptations

The Short Horned Lizard
When alarmed, the Short Horned Lizard could shoot blood out of his eye sockets. Yeah.. It's creepy! They live in North America. The down side is that small lizards can lose too much blood and die, buts it's not very likely.
Some of you may know this one! When a gecko is in danger, it can forcefully make its tail fall off to alarm the predator and run faster. It is also supposed to look like another head, so predators chase it instead of the actual animal.

Leaf Bugs
Basilisk Lizards
Basilisk Lizards have a very unique way of running away from predators: Running away on top of water! Their feet are specially designed to do this.
Animals have adaptations. Adaptations are things that a plant or animal (People too, sort of.) use to survive or get used to their environment. For example, cats have strong claws to hunt, birds have wings to fly, any many, many others. Today we will be learning about the really, really weird adaptations that some animals have!
I saved the weirdest and by far the most disgusting adaptation for last. Are you ready to hear it? Ok... BRACE YOURSELVES!! Since they live in excruciatingly hot places, they do their business on their legs to cool themselves off.. Phew.. glad I got that weight off my shoulders :D
Weird Animal Adaptations
By Bethany Perez
Komodo Dragons

Leaf bugs have a very good way of camouflaging themselves: They look almost exactly like leaves! These fascinating animals sometimes even sway in different directions to look like a leaf being moved by wind.
omg a deer
Komodo dragons have mouths full of very harmful poison that can kill their prey in only a matter of hours, maybe minutes if the prey is small. They follow their prey around once they poison it so that when it dies, they can just walk up to it and eat it. HOW CRUEL!!
White-Tailed Deer
This one is pretty similar to a possum. When it is being confronted by a predator, this deer's heart rate automatically drops extremely low, causing them to not be able to move. This makes them look like if they were dead.
its a beak
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