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Reservation Procedure

No description

Toni Koch

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Reservation Procedure

All Student Organization Space Requests start in Sykes Union But, before you submit, you need a username and password username will be: wcu login (without @wcupa.edu) for both. (i.e. tk123456, password: tk123456. (you can change your password the first time you log in) So how does webviewer (events.wcupa.edu or sykesevents.wcupa.edu) work? 1. Click "locations" tab. Make sure that a space is available before requesting! How? 1. Select the correct day and time 2. Select the correct space 3. For an easier view, click "view as grid" Once you see that a space is available, go to "my requests" Here is where you enter your username and password do not request a space without first checking
its availability under
"Locations" To make a request, click on "New Request" Fill out form completely. Fields in red are required. When choosing spaces, please find your correct
space and select it.

Please do not select "other" just write in spaces.

Space codes are in an attached handout. Fill in any comments. A detailed description is required. After clicking "next" you will be asked to confirm if your reservation is accurate. if so, click submit. You will receive a copy of your request in your WCU email inbox. Remember, the space is not yet confirmed. If we can confirm your request, you will receive a separate confirmation. Samples of both are below. Any Questions?
tkoch@wcupa.edu or
srightmer@wcupa.edu Reservation Policies Room must be left in the condition in which it was found. Candles are only permitted in Sykes Union ballrooms WITH PRIOR PERMISSION ONLY from Sykes Administration staff. All candles must be enclosed in glass. Candles are not permitted in any other space in or out of Sykes. All candle and sterno usage must get prior approval. You will not have access to audio visual equipment in classroom space outside of Sykes (Old Library, Main Hall, Brandywine, etc). Some a/v equipment can be signed out from Sykes Union. You are not permitted to have a DJ in Main Hall 168
Monday-Thursday evenings No furniture is permitted to be moved in ANY space on campus. Reservation requests are handled on both
a first come, first serve basis, as well as a "fit" basis. The nature of your event (meeting, DJ, loud music), the event set-up needs, as well as how many people you are expecting will be taken into account to best accomodate all events on campus. Step by Step... Best Viewed in Full Screen
Press Play to advance presentation Reservations requests are online! Request one at the Sykes Information desk! Once that username and password are created for you, go to SYKESEVENTS.WCUPA.EDU
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