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The Evolution of Owls

No description

Dana Delano

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of Owls

Dana Delano The Evolution of Owls "When you are talking about the evolution of owls, you do need to understand that many aspects of it continue to be highly debated. It is amazing how some experts can look at the same evidence including DNA but come to completely different conclusions. Plenty of what is out there about owl evolution is only theories and speculation though. The lack of solid evidence to substantiate it makes it hard to swallow what is being offered." Says http://www.owlworlds.com/owl-evolution.html.
Owls came from a variety of different birds. Their bodies adapted to their environments over the course of time to the birds we know today The Evolutionary Tree The Evolution of the Owl, ladies and
gentlemen. And Devin. The Start of it all The first known ancestor of owls or birds is Archaeopteryx. The Snowy Owl The Barn Owl The Great Horned
Owl The Short Eared owl The Great Grey Owl Thank You For Watching! Where Do Owls
Come From? Dromaeosaur "Dromaeosaurs constitute a small clade of theropod dinosaurs which exhibit some highly derived characteristics that they all share, especially modifications of the forelimb allowing for a flexible seizing function (which is thought to have been modified to create the bird "flight stroke")." Says http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/diapsids/saurischia/dromaeosauridae.html The Owl Owls evolved to become fast and successful birds of prey
The features that evolved were it's wings & beak. What about the future? I think owls and birds will evolve back into dinosaurs but stay as the cross between the two.
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