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Andrew Carnegie

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie
Neil Edgett 7B
Interesting Facts:
Andrew Carnegie started the steel industry and he replaced iron for steel. He has a college named after him, and that is called Carnegie Melon. Andrew Carnegie was also one of the richest people in America.
Andrew Carnegie's early life:
Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland in 1935 and immigrated to the United States in 1848. He became a bobbin boy in a cotton factory. He was attending a night school and he learned how to read and write. At age 14 he became a telegraph messenger.
Andrew Carnegie as a Telegraph messenger.
Andrew Carnegie soon quit working as a Telegraph messenger and started a steel company and it was soon called Carnegie Steel Company.
Andrew Carnegie and the Steel Industry:
Andrew Carnegie hired a man and his name was Henry Frick. Henry Frick helped him a lot and Frick and Andrew Carnegie were one of the most successful people because they passed the UK with making steel, and the UK created the Industrial Revolution.
Henry Clay (left)
Andrew Carnegie (right).
Fight breaks out:
Andrew Carnegie went on a trip and left Henry Frick in charge of the factory. He locked all of the workers out and the workers tried to get in so Henry Frick called in the pinkertons to fight the workers off, and this conflict left at least 10 people dead.
Andrew Carnegie sold his steel company to a man named J.P. Morgan for 480 million dollars. He donated 380 million dollars to charity in the last 18 years of his life.
Andrew Carnegie changed the world because now we can build stronger buildings and we have better knowledge and we can even make our own steel now!
Thank you for watching my presentation. I hope you enjoyed!
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