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Greek Mythology Presentation

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vyshna krishnakumar

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Greek Mythology Presentation

Greek Mythology Presentation
By: Vyshna

Name 6 Olympians (3 points)
What is a Hero?
Heroes are demigods with great strength and courage
They have completed a quest to help someone, usually Gods
Example, Percy Jackson in Riordan's novels is considered to be a Hero
Half bloods/ Demigod
A Half blood/ demigod, is an offspring of a god and mortal, e.g Hercules was a demigod
Demigods are vulnerable to celestial and mortal weapons

Family tree of the Gods
Rhea hid the last child, Zeus, in a cave, and soon Zeus fought his father, freed his siblings and they started a war with the Titans
The remaining Titans were imprisoned in Tartarus or slayed
Why we should study Greek Mythology?
By studying Greek Mythology, we are able to make allusions
Many allusions are referenced to Greek Mythology, e.g "I have an Achilles heel"
By studying Greek Mythology, we are able to explain questions that science can not yet answer
We learn how people thought of certain things
Entertainment purposes
Gives us more information to support a piece of writing we may write in the future
How it all started?
Gaea and Uranus had 12 children called the Titans
Gaea asked Kronos to kill his father with his own sickle and he did so
How it all started part 2
(Go to word doc and link)

Gaea, Uranus, and Titans
From Chaos, Gaea, Tartarus, Eros, Erebus, and Nyx were born
From Gaea, Uranus was born
From Gaea and Uranus the Titans were born
The Titans caused a lot of destruction and chaos
Big 3
The Big 3 are Zeus (Jupiter), Poseidon (Neptune), and Hades (Pluto)
These 3 defeated the Titans
Zeus is lord of the sky, Poseidon is God of the sea, and Hades, who was tricked, is ruler of the underworld
A descendant of one of these Gods would be very powerful and attract a lot of monsters

Name one reason why we should study Greek mythology?
Athena was born from Zeus's...
Name two demigods (according to Greek mythology).
Who is the god of wine?
Who is Perseus' godly parent?
Name the one goddess virgin
Descendants of which 3 gods are very powerful? (3 points)
What makes demigods vulnerable?
Who is Icarus' father or grandmother?
Name one of Chaos' grand daughters.
Who is the oldest Olympian? (5 points)
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