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a lesson on how the endocrine system works, how the male reproduction system works and how the female reproduction system works.

Julianne Nielsen

on 16 August 2012

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Transcript of Copy of HUMAN REPRODUCTION

The Human Reproduction System
female reproduction
The 3 Trimesters of Pregnancy
1st trimester of pregnancy
2nd trimester of pregnancy
3rd trimester of pregnancy
1st stage: ZYGOTE
2nd stage: EMBRYO
This stage lasts about two weeks.
The cell has reproduced in to approximately 500 cells
The female usually does not feel a change in her body.
Once the zygote attached to the wall of the uterus it is call an embryo.
All major body systems begin to develop:
nervous system, brain, blood vessels,
stomach, heart, lungs, eyes, arms,
hands and feet.
3rd stage: FETUS
All the organs continue to grow.
Blood circulation, breathing and digestion begins.
Nostrils, mouth, lips, teeth buds and eyelids form.
fingers and toes almost complete.
gender is evident.
Heartbeat can be heard.
4th month:
Skin is less transparent.
Fine hair develops.
Fetus can suck its thumb, swallow,hiccup, and move around.
Facial features start develop
5th Month
Eyes open and close
Muscles in the arms and legs get stronger.
Fat deposits develop.
Breathing movements begins.
6th month
Hair, Eyelashes, and eyebrows
teeth continue to develop
Organs are maturing
Hands can grip
Fetus becomes active and kicks
7th Month
Nervous, circulatory and lungs are now mature.
Periods of movement are follwed by rest and quiet.
8th Month
The fetus can hear sounds and gets startled.
he head starts to move down.
9th month
more fat under the skin.
Fetal movement reduces, because there is les room.
The fetus develops disease fighting antibodies.
The fetus lowers towards pelvis.
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