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Genetics Part 2

Punnet Squares and Protein involvement

Richard Huey

on 5 January 2012

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Transcript of Genetics Part 2

Basic Genetics Part 2
Punnett Squares
Let's look at a monohybrid square first.
Step 1: Determine the gametes from both sexes.
Ex. Let's say male is Aa.
What would be the genotype of his gametes?
Remember: alleles separate. So...
one sperm gets A while the other gets a.
2 Possibilities only!
A predictive method only.
Shows the possible genotype outcomes of
a particular mating between two individuals.
It is possible to determine then the
phenotypes possible.
Be aware that things can
change based on the parents.
What would happen if
the parents were
PP xPp?
PP x Pp
So what are the gametes?
PP gives only P gametes.
Pp gives either P or p gametes
So now, it's
a 4:0 phenotypic
Finially, what about a dihybrid
Punnett Square?
It works the same way, only
with more possible gametes.
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