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125 a game

No description

Blyron Blashington

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of 125 a game


Declan Gallagher,

and ...

125 yards a game
That's my goal
Ben Manzi
To reach my goal, I have to practice running harder, faster and lower. I can practice doing this at football practice or possibly at home. I am leading my team in touchdowns (Eight so far) and leading my team in yards (a lot so far). I want to become as good as I possibly can get and practicing more will definitely help.
First of all, tennis is a sport where you hit a tennis ball
back and forth with a racket.

I want to swim back and
fourth a lap in less then
two minutes.
In order to reach my goal, I will have to practice more often. Each time I practice I will try to make it back and forth faster by a few seconds.
In order to reach my goal I have to practice.
I take tennis lessons and I play with my cousin
Sports Conditioning
My goal is to beat my cousin at least once
After seeing people
swimming a lap with in
less than one minute
it encouraged me to
try doing the same
I chose this because when we went on vacation I
Not my cousin
Thanks for watching!

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