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Human Rights 5-504

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Human Rights 5-504

Human Rights 5-504
By:Farhan Uddin
Article 17
Article 28, Right to a social order:
You have a right to the kind of world where you and all
people can enjoy these rights and freedoms.

Donald Trump says all immigrants have to leave America. HE DOESN'T KNOW THAT HIS FATHER IS AN IMMIGRANT! Article 28 says 'You have a right to the kind of world where you and all
people can enjoy these rights and freedoms.' Donald Trump is breaking that right.

He's already president. We can stop him! We can convince him to be a better president, and
Article 17
Article 17, Right to own property:

1.You have the right to own things.

2.Nobody has the right to take these things from you

Everyone has a right to own any type of property LEGALLY. My dad owned a property and someone sued (some how) him. So my dad had to go to court for three months! Then, we had to move to another house and we had to rent it. Then some of the problems were solved.

Ever since we left our old house we were getting problems with the landlord. It’s been 3 years living in this house and it’s not so bad.

Article 3, Right to life, liberty and personal security:
You have the right to live, to be free and to feel safe.

Everyone has the right to feel safe but recently a bombing has happened near my house. BOOM!

Picture Of My Renting House
Where I Live
Where My Landlord Lives
Picture Of My Old House
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