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Henry Ford

Capitalist Hero Captured by the Dark Side

Kent Jones

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Henry Ford

A Capitalist Hero Captured by the Dark Side American Industrialist An Emerging Constituency Affiliations Vices and Virtues How May We Be of Service? Henry Ford By: Justin Bouchard, Adam Derry, Evan Kaun, Kent Jones and Phil Spanswick Jump Starting the Middle Class January 5, 1914 The Ford Motor Company announced that it would pay $5.00 for 8 hours work. The workers entered the middle class. They could afford to buy the cars that they built Reference:
Retrieved from http://www.henryford150.com/5-a-day/ The Importance of the Middle Class Thus it is manifest that the best political community is formed by citizens of the middle class, and that those states are likely to be well-administered, in which the middle class is large … where the middle class is large, there are least likely to be factions and dissensions – Aristotle 306 BC Done out of a Profiteering Mindset The argument often made is that Ford wanted to pay his workers enough so they could afford his products. The Real Reason: Turnover! In 1913 Ford hired more than 52,000 workers, and was only able to retain 14,000. Reference: Ryan, R. (2012). Henry Ford, the Middle Class, and Unaffordability. The Library. Retrieved from http://nextgenerationconsulting.com/library/blog-post/henry-ford-the-middle-class-and-unaffordability/. on 20-March-2013 Americanization The $5 a day came with an Americanization component... Committee would visit an employee's home to ensure they were doing things the American Way Had to learn English, and attend classes on becoming Americanized Reference: Worstall, T. (2012). The Story of Henry Ford's $5 a Day Wages: It's Not What You Think. Forbes. Retrieved from: http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2012/03/04/the-story-of-henry-fords-5-a-day-wages-its-not-what-you-think/. On March 20, 2013. An Employee wasn't eligible if their wives worked outside the home. Early Life Early Days Born on the family farm in Dearborn, Michigan, on July 30, 1863. Son of William and Mary Ford, Henry was the first of six children. Signs of an Industrial Mind Given a pocket watch at the age of 15. Neighbours would consult him to work on their various clocks and watches. Dissembled and reassembled it almost immediately. Apprenticeship At the age of 16, he became bored with farm work.
Took an apprenticeship as a machinist in the nearby city of Detroit. Acquired the skills of operating and servicing steam engines as well as book keeping.
Eventually returned home and married in 1888. Thrust into the Industrial Revolution - Became an engineer with Edison Illuminating Company in 1891 - Fully devoted himself to an industrial career. - Promoted to Chief Engineer in 1893. - Invented the Quadricycle. First, gasoline powered version. References:http://www.hfmgv.org/exhibits/hf/http://www.biography.com/people/henry-ford-9298747 Standard Oil Company Henry Ford originally produced
the Model T to run on both
gasoline and ethanol

It has been suggested that Ford
Motor Company was a subsidiary of Standard Oil http://www.reformation.org/henry-ford.html Free Masons Henry Ford was a Free Mason of the Scottish Rite, 33rd degree

Palestine Lodge No. 357 Detroit MI Member:
Zion Lodge No. 1 The Nazi Party of Germany Ford Would host representatives of the Nazi party at his home

Hitler was so inspired by Ford that he kept a photo of him in his office

December 20, 1922 New York Times wrote that Ford was financing Hitler

In 1938, the Nazi Party of Germany awarded Ford the Grand Cross of the German Eagle http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-ch6.html The Dearborn Independent

Contained anti-semitic literature, some written by Ford himself

Excerpts quoted in "Mein Kempf" by Adolf Hitler

Cited by Nazi leaders as a major influence in their anti-semitic beliefs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Ford Significance What happened to the ethanol powered vehicles?

What happened to Edison's electric powered vehicles?

Did Ford aid in the Nazi effort of World War II?

Is there a connection between the Freemasons and Ford's anti-semitism? http://www.cnn.com/US/9811/30/autos.holocaust/ Newspaper founded by Henry Ford Owned by John D. Rockefellar Lead by Adolf Hitler Virtues Starting as a small time machinist Henry built Ford Motor Company into a global giant with his smart business, new vision, and technological advances.

He never got discouraged by the countless people that told him that a mass production car company like Ford Motor Co. was impossible. http://econhist.econproph.net/files/2012/12/ford-motor-company.jpg Virtues Henry was a big advocate for new technologies. Ford built the first of many things such as mass produced V8 engines and plastic bodies.

His adoption of production line techniques and the use of interchangeable parts in automobiles made vehicles affordable to the average person.

His ambitious venture into the automobile industry and his $5.00/day wage brought many poor people up into middle class.

Henry Ford was known for hiring Blacks, Women, and Handicapped people which was very rare in that day. http://s.spachman.tripod.com/BNW/henryford.htm Vices Henry's greed caused him to always push his workers harder, always speeding up his assembly lines.

He disagreed with workers unions and paid people in his factories to sniff out any possible organizers.

Everything was done how Henry wanted them to be done. His reluctance to make anything other than the Model T car during the early years of Ford eventually led to other companies such as GM to creep in on Fords success. Help to Society Henry's Genius In Business Vices He has made comments that indicate that he is anti-Semitic, most notably in the 1920’s weekly newspaper that was previously mentioned. He shared the Nazi view that the Jew's were the problem with the world.

He browbeat his son Edsel Ford. Edsel was in the military but Henry made him defer because “he was more useful in Detroit than some mud hole in France”. Edsel was forced to follow in the family name. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_LCJn526a2TQ/SncTXULWwrI/AAAAAAAAAC8/IehYT0EaANA/s1600/FordBehindHitler.jpg References:
http://history1900s.about.com/od/1910s/a/Ford--Assembly-Line.htmhttp://www.partsgeek.com/mmparts/history_of_the_assembly_line.html How Does the Information Serve Us? Reminds us to be self aware and self reliant Reminds us to be mindful of our intentions How Do We Serve? Share With Others Don't let the Knowledge Be Forgotten
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