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Superlatives & Comparatives

No description

Alice Wonderland

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Superlatives & Comparatives

Remember: The Comparative Form The Comparative Form The Superlative Form -Comparing three or more objects to show which is "the most" of something Adjectives which modify nouns:
Bad -used to show the difference between two objects -used to show the difference between objects The Superlative Form Superlatives and Comparatives Fast
Boring One Syllable ending with a consonant (not 'y')
add -er
*note: double the final consonant if preceded by a vowel
Ex: hot -> hotter
Ex: high -> higher
Irregular: fun -> more fun One Syllable ending with 'y'
remove the 'y' and add 'ier'
Ex: happy -> happier
Ex: funny -> funnier Two, Three of More Syllables
place 'more' before the adjective
Ex: interesting -> more interesting
Ex: difficult -> more difficult Let's practice: President Obama is ___________ than Justin Bieber. old -> older -Comparing three or more objects to show which is "the most" of something One Syllable
add 'the' in front of the adjective
add 'est' to the end of the adjective
*note: double the final consonant if preceded
by one vowel Ex: hot -> the hottest
Ex: high -> the highest Two, Three, or more syllables
add "the most" in front of the adjective
Ex: interesting -> the most interesting
Ex: difficult -> the most difficult Two syllable adjectives ending in 'y'
add "the" before the adjective
remove the 'y' and add 'iest' to the end
Ex: funny -> funniest
Ex: pretty -> prettiest Let's practice: --> This is ______________ family. large -> the largest This is ______________ family. --> small -> the smallest (They have "the most" people.) (They have the smallest number of people.) Not all adjectives conform to this pattern:
Ex: Good
comparative: good -> better
superlative: good -> the best
Sentence examples:
Professor Weber a good teacher.
Professor Weber is a better teacher than I.
Professor Weber is the best teacher.
Ex: Bad
comparative: bad -> worse
superlative: bad -> the worst
Idiom: "Things have gone from bad to worse." Exceptions!
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