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Copy of Parliamentary Procedure

Middle School FFA Parliamentary Procedure

Katherine Throne

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Procedure!
Thank you for your attention!
One Last Thing
Get involved in the Parli Pro Competition!
Regional Competetion in the Spring!!
What is Parli Pro?
Why Parli Pro?
Parli Pro in FFA
Rules to conduct a meeting
Allows everyone to be heard
Allows everyone to make decisions
Minimum confusion

Conduct efficient meetings
Organizations (FD, Church, etc...)
Gives you the chance to be sassy, and not get in trouble (:

Regional, state, national competition!
Basics of Parli Pro
A motion- puts an idea out there for the group
A Second- allows the item to be discussed
Discussion- lets you express your opinion
Voting- decide on the idea

How To...
..make a motion- Stand up, say “Mr/Mdm President, I move to…” blah, blah, blah
..second a motion- Stand up, say “ I second that motion”
..discuss a motion- Stand up, say “Mr/Mdm President, I am for/against this motion because….. And that’s why I do not want this motion to pass”
..vote- the president will ask for a vote. If you don’t like the idea, vote no. If you do like it, vote yes!

Sample Meeting
Johnny- “Mr. President, I move that we pie each other in the face.”
Sally- “ I second that motion”
President- “ Is there any discussion”
Fred – “Mr. President, I am in favor of the motion because I love the taste of whip cream, so that’s why I want it to pass”
Sally- “Mr. President, I am against this motion because my hair and makeup will get messed up, so I want everyone to fail this motion”
President- “All in favor say “I”. …. All opposed say “no”

Let's see how good you are
Parli Pro Chex Mix
You have to make a motion, second, discuss, and vote to add things to the chex mix!
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