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Rhetorical Fallacies

No description

Vendula Arazimová

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Rhetorical Fallacies

Rhetorical Fallacies
in a Family

Fallacies and Children
Is it right?
Social Relationships
Vendula Arazimová
Right Argumentation
Rhetorical Fallacy
ALMOSSAWI, Ali a Alejandro GIRALDO. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments. [online]. [cit. 2014-01-26].
Dostupné z: https://bookofbadarguments.com/

MCCANDLESS, David. Rhetological Fallacies. Information Is Beautiful [online]. [cit. 2014-01-26]. Dostupné z: www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/rhetological-fallacies/

Appeal to Emotions
If you don't clean up your room, you will get spanked.
Such a mess like in the forest! Are you a monkey?
I've never
been so untidy!Whose are you?
Genetic Fallacy
But all my mates are untidy!
But it's not mean that you have to be untidy also.
Appeal to Bandwagon
you love me, don't you?
Will you buy me this beautiful handbag.
Of course
I will...
Appeal to Emotions
Appeal to Hypocrisy
I can sum up by saying that as well as
is significant part all of the
is important part of communication. But where is argumentation are also
argumentative fallacies
. This is the case of
family communication
. Question is whether it is
right or not
. It seems that it could be useful for bringing up children, but in a partnership it could be really harmful.
You forgot socks
in the bathroom AGAIN!
But yesterday I saw yours laying on the floor.
At least I don't forget pick up children from school.
Yes, It's true, You will never forget to go to the cosmetician and hairdresser.
you too...!!!
to persuade somebody of something

claims that support the conclusion
relevant, clear and true claims

right derivation of conclusion
an error

violation of condition
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