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Medal of Honor Recipients.

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lib hist

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor Recipients.

Compare & Contrast
All of them risked their lives for the benifit of their squad.
Beauford T. Anderson
July 6, 1922 – November 7, 1996

He single-handedly held off a flanking force by alternately firing his carbine and throwing activated mortar shells. Although seriously wounded by shrapnel during the action, he refused medical evacuation until he had reported the situation to his commander. For these actions, Anderson was awarded the Medal of Honor the next year, on June 27, 1946.
Nicky Daniel Bacon
November 25, 1945 – July 17, 2010

Bacon and his unit came under fire from enemy positions. While Bacon destroyed these positions with hand grenades, his platoon leader was wounded in open ground. Assuming command, Bacon led the platoon in destroying still more enemy emplacements. He was personally credited with killing at least 4 enemy soldiers and destroying an antitank gun.

William Baugh
July 7, 1930 – November 29, 1950

He received the Medal of Honor in Korea for sacrificing his life to save his Marine comrades.

He protected the members of his squadron from a grenade by smothering it with his body.
Medal of Honor Recipients.
By: Cedrick Sampeur & Aditya Das
William Baugh
Lucian Adams
October 26, 1922 – March 31, 2003

During World War II he received the Medal of Honor for single-handedly destroying enemy machine gun emplacements to get back supply lines to U.S. Army companies.
Nicky Daniel Bacon
Lucian Adams
Beauford T. Anderson
William Bauegh didn't survive like how the other soldiers did.
In our opinion we think that the men above have performed great tasks to help not only the U.S. but also they helped the members in their squad, and the U.S. Military.
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