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The Sirens

The Odyssey

Andy Gomez

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The Sirens

THE ODYSSEY Book 12 THE WANDERINGS OF ODYSSEUS: EVADING THE THE SIRENS Tells his adventures in the last past decades that he was gone. Odysseus and the Phaeacians Before exploring the sirens Crew is at Aeaea Odysseus has been warned Cerce warns Odysseus about the Sirens " You reckless man, you think you're dealing with acts of war or work? " Odysseus's plan 149-150 Crew to ties him up so he won't be able to move Cuts a large chunk of wax Crew plugs the wax into each of their ears so they wouldn't hear wise but foolish wants to listen to these rumors about the Sirens. Odysseus and the crew survive the Sirens yells to be released, even makes signals. Crew members ignore his signals continue sailing (while two tied him with more rope) They leave the island The Consequences Why does it matter? (THEME) Presentation made by Andy G. Tayler J. Bury a shipmate Untie Odysseus Successfully make it through
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