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STEM Career Police Detective

No description

Tina Huynh

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of STEM Career Police Detective

STEM Career Police Detective
By Tina Huynh
Why does the this career
interest me?
This job interest me because my family

watches a lot of a crime movies and I also

wanted to know more about the this job.
What does police detective
do at work?
A police detective is a person who
solves crime cases by collecting evidence
from a crime scene to verify for finger
prints that belongs to a person who might
of caused the crime to happen.
What are some
requirements for this job?
For this job you need an associate's
degree in criminal justice and you
also have to have experience being a police.
Steps to become a police detective
1)Get an associate's degree in criminal
2)Enroll for police training
3)Be a police officer
4)Take a detective exam
5)Pass the exam then your a police detective

Why is police detective a STEM
An police detective career is a STEM job
because it includes science,technology,and
math.Science and math is included because
it can help find finger prints,unknown
substance ,or even DNA.Technology is use
for looking up criminals personal
Job outlook
According to the internet it says

that police detective would have 5% of

the US will be police detective since 2012-

Police Detective Average Salary
Police detective make $74,300 per
detective,and the US average salary is
$26,695 per person.Police detectives make
$47,605 more than the US average salary per
person makes.
Argosy University
Is a university that has many
different location is the US and also
have a Argosy university on Bishop street.
Some places Argosy university is located in
is Arizona,California,Colorado,Florida,
Utah,Virginia,and Washington. The only
university with the degree criminal
justice is Atlanta,Georgia.

Community College
The campus is located in
Glendale,California. For the
tuition we have to pay out of state resident because we live in Hawaii.
For the tuition we have to pay




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