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Mgmt 451 Team 2- Investing in Africa

No description

Omar Rahman

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Mgmt 451 Team 2- Investing in Africa

Investing In Africa Team 2 Riccardo, Daisy, Natalie, David, Erik Bolman and Deal: Reframing Change Riccardo Definition:
Loss Training Change fails because people avoid what they:
Don’t understand
Don’t know how to do
Don’t believe in
Training and support are required to:
Increase understanding
Increase skills
Increase confidence Realignment Structural change goes against the norm:

Must anticipate problems
Realign roles
Realign relationships Conflict Change creates winners and losers:
Winners want the change!
Losers don't want change!

Successful change occurs when:
Both sides come together
Discuss issues
Compromises are made Loss Loss of a symbol is similar to losing a job or loved one

Transition rituals to ease loss:
Celebrate/morn the past
Envision the future Bolman and Deal: Reframing Change Daisy With Regards to Africa:
Conflict Training Have to gradually get people to adjust to the ideas of change
Make them feel like they play a vital role in these changes
-Changes will benefit them as well
Get them excited about the new plans
-More willing to go through the training
Proper training will increase efficiency and help new plans become effective Realignment Head management must communicate each person's roles/duties
Must make sure they understand their responsibilities
Express how important each person's job duty is
-Keep them determined to always work hard Conflict Work with farmers to come up with a plan
-Very attached to their land
Find a way to pull their resources together
Come up with solutions that both sides will be comfortable with
-Getting farmers input is essential
Don't do anything behind their backs
Trust is key when working together Peter Senge Natalie System thinking is the 5th discipline
Seeing the ‘bigger picture’ is vital for sustainable development.
Short term solutions are often detrimental in the long term as consequences come about later.
Long term effects must be considered to accurately forecast outcomes and plan for a sustainable future. Taylor Cox Promoting the organizational actions to hire, retain and promote members of gender and/or racial-ethnic minority groups into higher level management jobs in organizations.

Organizations with diverse workforces can attract, retain and promote maximum utilization of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, they will gain competitive advantages in cost structures and in maintaining the highest quality human resources. Erik Taylor Cox (Cont.) Diversity in workforces can potentially be leveraged to create a competitive advantage in marketing, creativity, and problem solving
In order to avoid possible performance losses and reap performance benefits of workforce diversity, organizations must create an effective climate for diversity (i.e. manage diversity well)
There are a variety of ways in which the presence of cultural diversity can impact organizational performance
Having diversity within an organization can reap benefits of performance for all. Peter Senge (cont.) David Companies also need to come and invest in a circular view for sustainability
More efficient, greener, less wasteful
Expensive but better for the world as a whole
Consequences will arise for not trying to meet a safer standard
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