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Titan of the Moon, and goddess of mother hood. She is also the mother of Leto, and Asteria

Alex G.

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Phoebe

Phoebe is a titan. She rules over all of the planets moons even the moons out of our suns part of the universe. She is also the goddess of motherhood. since she is the ruler of the moon. Phoebe's symbol is the moon. even though people think she is a part of every moon she is actually one of saturns outer moons. Phoebe was Uranus's and Gaea's child, including 5 more sets that were born Phoebe isn't one of the most talked about goddess/titans, although she is still mentioned in some tails and stories. Phoebe had two kids, Leto and Asteria Leto Asteria Particular Honest Open-minded Exemplary Blissful Expressive Phoebe is the titan of of the moon and goddess of motherhood Phoebe was known as one of the most beautiful titans/ goddess's Though Phoebe was a calm titan she could be hard to get rid of. Although Phoebe was a titan she still had parents Phoebe originally got her name from Apollo, his forename was Phoebes. Uranus Gaea Sometimes even Hera got jealous of Phoebe's beauty Myths One myth about phoebe is that Zeus granted her a wish and gave a young shepherd eternal youth. but the dark twist is that the shepherd is cursed to remain asleep, FOREVER, but remain beautiful, just as when Phoebe first saw him. Phoebe visits him every night, and they have fifty children, which are called the Menae, but he never wakes up. (This myth takes place after the titans lost the war against the gods) Phoebe was of course normally on the side of the Titans, although the female Titans, Rhea, Thia, Themis, Mermosyne, Tethys and Phoebe, played no active role in the fighting. The Titans were ultimately defeated and the rule of Olympians began. The male Titans were punished in various ways, with the first generation imprisoned in Tartarus, Phoebe, though along with her sisters, went unpunished. The story of Pheobe ends at this point, although she remained for a while as the owner of the oracle at Delphi, having taken ownership from her sister Themis, mainly due to her gift of prophecy. Some people actually think that the human shaped figure on the moon is Phoebe guarding her home from all who wish to destroy it. Phoebe Φοίβη : Phoebe Well as we all know the titans were defeated by zeus and the other gods, but this is my god story. One peaceful day on Mt. Olympus the gods and titans were getting along just fine, but what the titans didn't know was that zeus as ploting against them. Or at least that's what the gods thought. While really the titans had been expecting the gods to rise up for years. The titans had been waiting to strike for over a hundred years before zeus finally attacked, so by the time the gods worked up the nerve to attack the titans had been training. After a while longer the gods attacked. Mt. Olympia cracked as the gods and titans clashed. Blood was splattered lives where lost, but for what? This whole war started because our hero of the story Phoebe had been kidnapped by the gods a while back. The titans knew that it wasn't the end so they attacked back, until it all stopped. Both sides still knew that a great war was coming though. As we come back to our story more and more lives have been lost more blood has been shed. The gods brought out there secret weapons, but so did the titans. Mt. Olympis has nearly fallen due to the war, but then our savor Phoebe has been set free. As she arrives to the battle field her heart drops, she thinks that nothing can be done. She began to fill with great rage, untold power, a never ending desire! She wanted the war to never have happened so much she went mad. She had filled with so much rage and hate that the ground started to shake the mountain crumbled. She was so full of hate for the gods that she was creating a new world out of rage but not knowing it. She had restored the balance between Gods and Titans. She had solved a problem that no other being could solve, nor could be resolved. Yet she did it she restored peace in the nation. In the end there was not a Winner of the war nor a loser, everything had been set back into place.
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