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Copy of Google Maps

No description

Rom Oliver Perez

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Google Maps

Mapping Flood Susceptible Areas in Iligan City Using Geographical Information System (GIS)
Or New Zealand
A Thesis Proposal
Jhon Eduard C. Obordo
Rom Oliver T. Perez
- natural phenomenon that results in the temporary submerging with water of a land that does not occur under normal conditions that potentially leads to fatal causes of damage to properties and environment.
- a general temporary condition of partial complete inundation of normally dry areas from overflow of inland or tidal waters or from unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff
- heavy rainfall
- global warming
- rise of water levels
- earthquake and tsunamis
- loss of life
- damage to buildings and other structures
- damaging the farmland
- economic loss
- brings infectious diseases
Iligan City

Iligan City was one of the areas hit by Tropical Storm "Sendong" last December 17, 2011 at maximum winds of 65 kph near the center and gustiness up to 80 kph resulting to flash floods that devastated the densely populated areas.

And recently a new typhoon hit the country with local name "Pablo" on December 3, 2012 at max winds of 110 kph near the center and gustiness up to 140 kph located over the Philippine Sea about 356 km east-southeast of Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.
What is Geographical Information System (GIS) ?
GIS are computer-based information systems that enable capture, modeling, manipulation, retrieval, analysis and presentation of geographically referenced data.
The Problem
1. What are the actual extents of flooding in Iligan City based on the data of the city's amount of rainfall, slope and elevation of the ground, and land cover?
2. How is this related to the other flood susceptible maps provided by the evaluation and analytical surveys done by other agencies such as MGB-DENR and Iligan Planning Development Office?
Significance of the Study
The output of this study will be a useful guide to the Government and policy-makers to the safety of the people and to prevent future damages in the city of Iligan. Furthermore, this study provides information that can be used to determine the areas that are prone to flood, non-habitable areas, and hazardous areas. Subsequently, this would help the Government and other agencies to make the right actions and decisions and plans for the common welfare.
Scope and Limitation
- mapping flood prone areas using GIS
- flood para meters divided into three criteria; slope and elevation, land cover and rainfall
- political boundaries of Iligan City
Review of Related Literature
Factors that contribute to flooding
- is the quantity of rain falling within a given area in a given time.
- is the most important factor in creating a flood.
Slope - is the percent change in the elevation over a certain distance.
Land Cover
- is the physical material at the surface of the earth.
Flood Susceptibility
Elevation - the height to which something is elevated above a point of reference such as the ground.
- include grass, asphalt, trees, bare ground, water, etc.
Flood Hazards
Flood Hazards in Southeast Asian Countries
- estimated 9.6 million people are affected by flooding
- several of the damages of properties and loss of lives are caused by flash flood
Flood Problems in the Philippines
- natural setting of the country made it prone to many typhoons and storms which leads to the flooding within the areas of the country
- average of 30 typhoons enters the country annually
Data Collection
Iligan City Base Map
Iligan City Political Boundaries
Iligan City Slope Map
Iligan City Land Cover Map
Data Evaluation and Assessment
Flood Hazard Map created during TS Sendong
Geographic Information System (GIS)
- Quantum GIS (QGIS)
- Arc View GIS
GIS in Flood Susceptibility Mapping
- crucial role of GIS in evaluation and analysis of flooding
- essential in flood management and project appraisals
Slope and Elevation Parameters
Land Cover Parameters
Rainfall Parameters
Flood Susceptibility Evaluation
Map Generation
The data acquired comprise of the rainfall, slope and elevation map, and land cover map of Iligan City. Based on the evaluation and assessment made out of the three criteria with respect to their flood parameters, level of hazard susceptibility were marked into the map in the form of colors. The colors composed of the hazard susceptibility range based upon three levels, specifically, high, medium, and low levels. Green represents low risk level, yellow represents medium risk level, and red represents high risk level.
Comparison and Validation of Data
The resulting map is compared with other maps that were provided and generated by other agencies such as Mines and Geosciences Bureau and Iligan City Planning and Development Office.
Data Evaluation and Analysis
Qualitative analysis is performed in this study. With the maps generated, flood susceptible areas in Iligan City will be determined as well as the level of hazard according to the assessment of criteria. Using this map, government agencies especially in Iligan City will have an idea on having flood safety plans and other necessary actions in order to prevent future property damages and loss of life whenever a flood occurs.
Thank You
God Bless!
Mapping Flood Susceptible Areas in Iligan City Using Geographical Information System (GIS)
A Thesis Proposal
Jhon Eduard C. Obordo
Rom Oliver T. Perez
- areas wherein flood is likely to happen or the tendency of an area to be affected by flooding
- focus of the study to be conducted
The uniqueness of GIS comes from its ability to carry out operations on both spatial and descriptive data simultaneously or separately.
Estimated rainfall Accumulation Mindanao 2012
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