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Top Ten Inventions of the 1950's

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ceairra bentley

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Top Ten Inventions of the 1950's

Top Inventions of the ... 1950's 10. First Diet Soft Drink
1952 9. Pacemaker
1950 8. Black box
1953 7. Super Glue
1951 6. Bar Code
1952 5. Credit Card
1951 4. McDonald's Corp.
1955 3. Barbie Doll
1959 2. Hula Hoop
1958 1. Mr. Potato Head
1952 The first diet soft drink was
created for Diabetics. It was
originally called the
"No-Cal Beverage". Invented
by the Kirsch Company. Invented by Canadian John Hopps.
He unexpectingly created the Cardiac
Pacemaker while experimenting with radio
frequency heating to restore body
temperature. He discovered if a heart stopped beating due to cooling, it could be started again by artificial stimulation using mechanical or electric means. Therefore...The External Pacemaker. A black box is a cockpit voice and flight-data recorder created by Dr. David Warren. This piece of equipment does nothing to help in the air, but is vital to crash investigaters to find out what happened just before the crash. Dr. Harry Coover invented the super glue by accident in order to close wounds. A Barcode is a method of automatic identification and data collection. Created by Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver on October 7, 1952. Invented by Frank Mcnamara. The business began in 1940, with a restaurant opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Their introduction of the "Speedee Service System" in 1948 established the principles of the modern fast-food restaurant. Ruth Handler created the doll and named it after her daughter Barbara. Ken was created a few years later and named after Ruth's son. Richard P. Knerr and Arthur K. Melin created a plastic hoop of many different colors. It was a success right away. Invented by George Lerner the toy was originally produced as seperate plastic parts that could be stuck into a real potato or other plastic vegetable. By: Shana Christian
Ceairra Bentley
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