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Communicative Activities for Beginning EFL Learners

Based on activities available at www.efltasks.net

JoAnn Miller

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Communicative Activities for Beginning EFL Learners

JoAnn Miller
Communicative Activities for Beginning EFL Learners
Review functions / structures
Present new vocabulary
Occasionally to gather information
In groups, pairs or as a mixer
Oral and / or written
To work with information
Often through a written activity
Information-gathering activity

In pairs or groups

Closure activity is integrated

Variety of techniques and organizations
Chaos: accepted and occasionally incited

Use the language they know

NOT limited to this language if they know more

Problem-solving and / or role playing
Beginning level students

Basic vocabulary, functions and grammar structures

“Realistic” communicative practice

Review, not presentation

JoAnn Miller


Website: www.efltasks.net
Thank you very much….
Activity 1
Think of a number. (5 digits: 12345)
Memorize it.
It is your name.
In pairs (A and B), introduce yourselves.
Now, in groups of three (A, B, and C).
A introduces B to C.
Then change roles
Now imagine you are at a party.
Stand up. Walk around.
Introduce yourself.
Introduce people you know to other people.
Groups: Puzzle Sheet.
Get information from your Information Sheets.
When you can’t answer any more…shout out your questions….
When you have the spy’s name…Yell it out.
Ask him/her where he is right now.
Then run up and tell me.
New Identity
Information sheet.
Ask other students. Get as much information as you can.
Activity 2
Activity 3
Get new identity.
Find someone who…. Give your “new” names.
First person to fill it out, wins.
Who's who in the family
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