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How to define quality in iEARN Projects

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Toni Casserras

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of How to define quality in iEARN Projects

How to define quality in iEARN Projects?
What makes excellent an
iEARN project?

Think about a great project. Try to say 2 things that made it so special, that changed something.

Or. Try to say 2 things to expect to find joining a really good project.

Is deep learning seriously taken into account, or just copy-paste ones?
Are the goals clearly linked to curriculum?
Activities require superior cognitive functions: to investigate from primary sources, to discuss results, deep understanding of documents, experimenting.....?
Does it provide good sources of information and guidance (like connecting with experts)?
Does it take into account the interests of students?
Is the purpose of the project clearly stated?
Is it inclusive, taking into account the diversity of languages, cultural framework and skills of participants?
Does it provides scaffolding to help students in the tasks?
Does it give ownership to them?
Is it 'enjoyable' by the youth participants?
Does it provides quick Feed-back?
Does it provide opportunities for deep and long- term connection?
Are there activities directed helping participants to know each other, beyond greetings?
Are there resources supporting teamwork?
Are there really collaborative tasks?
Is there an strategy to involve participants in future projects?
to LEARN with the world and TAKE ACTION
Are the task, the plattform and the structure predictable?
Is the purpose of the project clearly explained?
Is there an understandable schedule?
Are the links with curriculum explicitly mentioned?
Are the targetted participants (each, grade, subject..) clearly identified?
Are there support materials for teachers?
Are the facilitators of the project responsive?
Are in the project specific tasks to involve the community
Are in the project explicit proposals or suggests to take action?
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