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No description

Megan Garza

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of MPL

Imagine. Learn. Grow. We are 7 branches and growing. Green Library Initiative We're Lean and Green Paper-reduction Alternatives to in-person meetings Green Library means a more efficient workplace. Customer Centered Classification™ We Don’t Dewey 4530
LER Subject Headings: The best of bookstores
4-Digit Numbers: The best of Dewey
Customer Centered Classification™ C3 DEWEY 973.04960730092 OBAMA 5171 OBAMA Operational Benefits Facilitates browsing

Intuitive finding for browsers

Making the collection accessible

Easier to find specific items Customer Benefits Why Do We? Faster sorting
Faster shelving
Faster shelf-reading
Faster holds-pulling We’re Socially Networked Both inside… … and out. Customer Service Revolution We’re Starting a Revolution Every service interaction is an opportunity for greatness. MPL staff strive to be Service is guided by a common idea of excellence developed and agreed upon by all levels of staff. Service expectations in the library are governed through mutual agreement, not policy. The Customer Service Revolution is staff-sourced initiative. Staff seek to exceed customer expectations in every service transaction. Staff are empowered to serve the customer, not the policy. Creative Library We’re Creative Staff seek and apply trends from the world at large to the library with the aim of customer service excellence. Staff will think as a team Staff will find solutions even with decreasing resources and limited options. Public library service is largely about solving problems. When we are creative: How does creativity fit into the library? …and it CAN be cultivated. Collaborative Thinking Divergent Thinking Creative Problem Solving Lateral Thinking Creativity is… Give staff the tools and support to develop their ideas. Make creativity a priority Give staff time to develop creatively. Incorporate game play into the work day. Growing Creativity
We encourage risk-taking by discussing failure in an honest, solution-oriented manner. We're Not Afraid to Fail FailCamp MPL believes in learning from our mistakes is an essential part of growing as professionals and as an organization.
FailCamp is a way to maximize failure by learning from it. FailCamp is a solution-oriented forum through which we are choosing to learn and grow. “We recognize the right of all staff to fail in the name of innovation with our full support and without penalty…”
- The Markham Public Library Charter of Failure FailCamp is used… To encourage staff to take risks As a supportive forum As a planning tool As an attitude-adjuster To facilitate culture change Markham Public Library We're The Place where Markham's communities come to and Grow. When we are innovative, we open ourselves up to the possibility of failure. Failure doesn't have to be a bad thing! Seek ecologically sound alternatives Focused on innovation to operate lean and clean Efficient use of resources Decrease carbon footprint Imagine, Learn, What Is the Customer Service Revolution?
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