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Block 4 "Going Green To Celebrate Life"

Kristi Yamaguchi

Hannah M

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Block 4 "Going Green To Celebrate Life"

Kristi Yamaguchi is an awesome ice skater.
To honor her amazing talent I would like to
make a ice skating rink. Kristi Yamaguchi When she was born she
had clubed feet. She wore
a cast on her for the first couple years of her life. Her parents would have to switch the cast every 2 weeks, since she had to wear the cast to bed she woke up crying. Born on July 12, 1971 in Fremont, California. Always Dream Kristi's would always
say "Always Dream".
She has the Always Dream
Foundation for kids with
special needs and in need. Fremont, California. Kristi was born and raised
in Fremont. Since she traveled
alot, she missed her family and
friends at home. Even though
she has traveled to different
countries she still loves Fremont. Always Dream By: Hannah Murphy Kristi was introduced to
to the US Olympic Hall of
Fame in December 2005 She won the season 6 winner
on Dancing with Stars She won a gold metal in the 1992 Olympics. Kristi Yamaguchi Her first Olympics was in 1992 She wrote a book called
"Dream Big, Little Pig" She is known for her ice skating but
did alot more in life. Helped kids around the
world Thanks For Watching! Bathroom Eco-friendly toliets, sinks,
and faucets. Consession Stand Kitchen Their is eco-friendly cups,
plates, silverware, trays, and
trash cans. Their is green ovens, microwaves,
dishwashers, refrigerators. The countertops are made out of
recycled glass pieces. Ice The ice is water frozen.
Their is bleachers all around it. It can hold up to 5,000 people. Ice Rink
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