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The Role of Men in Ancient Rome

No description

Erin New

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Role of Men in Ancient Rome

The Role of Men in Ancient Rome By Erin and Matilda What did they wear? The Family Man Jobs for Poor Men Jobs for Rich Men Bibliography Men were the masters of the household and family.

Fathers had the right to whip or jail their sons or sell them as slaves.

It was a father’s responsibility to provide for his children and ensure they were educated. The army was a good idea for poor men because even though there was a chance of being killed, wages were good.

Poor men also worked as farmers, craftsmen and shopkeepers. A rich man's work day might involve writing letters to other Romans, seeing clients, and meeting other businessmen.

After a light lunch, they might take a nap, get a haircut, and finish their work for the day. An Ancient Roman Bath Websites:
Welcome to Hadrians! (2001) Retrieved from: http://www.hadrians.com/rome/romans/work/roman_mens_work.html

The Roman Empire, in the First Century (2006) Retrieved From: http://www.pbs.org/empires/romans/empire/family.html Books:
Haywood, J. 2000, Spolight's The Romans, the Five Mile Press, Victoria.

Medcalf, P. Ralph, J. 2000, Ancient Rome, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Ancient Roman Togas Roman Soldier Uniform Roman men wore the most beautiful clothing as a sign of their status over others.

Men wore togas, the most renowned of which had a purple or gold stripe as these were colours of royalty.

Men had short hair and shaved their arms so they looked clean.
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