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Matthew Haskins Parts of Soccer

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Matthew Haskins Parts of Soccer

A league were the best teams all around the world come together and compete against each other to the top2 best.

The oldest game in time recorded is Soccer. Soccer first began in china. The game had a different name back then in china it was called tsu-chu. The soccer balls were made of inflated animal bladders, but there were rumors that people used other people’s heads in other games.
What site I used was www.go.grolier.com also www.proquest.com and C.E.R.F.info.com
World cup
Every 4 years the best 2 countries in the world will play against each other and compete to see who is the best.
how soccer was started
SOCCER Matthew Haskins
favorite soccer team Barcelona.
Parts of soccer
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