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Industrial Revolution: How does it affect us today?

Prezi about the inventions of the industrial revolution, and how they affect us today.

Karen Randall

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution: How does it affect us today?

How does it affect us today?
Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution was a time of invention,
and many changes. Things were invented and it changed the world from old ways, to new ways.

But how did it change our world for the better?
The industrial revolution was the time where the world shifted from the old manual laboring ways of the past, to the new factory and machinery age we live in today.
People went from working somewhere like this.
To working somewhere like this.
But have you ever taken the time to think that these events were over 200 years ago?
So, how does the Industrial Revolution actually affect us? We all live in the 21st century, don't we? So how does something that happened that long ago affect us directly?
Well, it only shaped our modern world. duh
Without the Industrial Revolution, the world would be extremely different to how it is today. Put it this way, if the Industrial Revolution had never happened we might still be growing all of our own food and making all of our own clothes. How would you like that?
Without the Industrial Revolution we wouldn't have the option to go to a shop with everything you will need in it (we call this a supermarket). Nothing was mass produced until the introduction of one of the major parts of the Industrial Revolution: Factories.
Basically , the Industrial Revolution not only revolutionized the world, it made it a whole lot more efficient. The key word:
And the main invention that made everything more efficient was the steam engine. This allowed for machines with moving parts to be moved without manpower needing to be used.
This paved the way for the modern engine we have today. In today's society, no engines = no machines = no factories = no production= no prezi ;(
Most of the things we use today pass through a factory at some point in time. Factories came about during the Industrial Revolution. Can you imagine a world without factories? Electricity may run our world but factories produce it.
But, no matter if they were bad or good, all the inventions that I have mentioned in this, have definitely changed the world in some way, shape or form. It is a fact that if these inventions had not have been invented during the Industrial Revolution, the world would be an extremely different place.
Without the Industrial Revolution, we wouldn't have the quality of life we have today. It was a major turning point in history and in my opinion the most important revolution to ever happen. It changed the old world into the new world and forever changed everyone's lives, both people living now and people who will live in the future.
And, as the information age begins, we need to remember that our world was forever changed by this period in history. And it is still changing today. We shouldn't forget it.
We wouldn't have one of the things we rely on to run our modern world: Electricity. It was also invented during the Industrial Revolution. People rely on electricity for everything these days, can you imagine the world without it?
There would be no long distance travel and we might still be using horses and carts. Maybe we would all be walking! There would definitely be no cars or planes. The engine wouldn't have been invented.
There were some problems due to the Industrial Revolution. Can you name a few?
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