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EDP Request

No description

Robert Lutes

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of EDP Request

Under the surface much goes on
For more detail go to Insite page:

How to Request Devices and Software
Who to ask for what, then what happens to that request
Request Oversight
Purchasing Agent reviews form for accuracy and gets approvals, the purchasing agent then manages the purchasing and directs any questions or clarifications to the EDP Coordinators and Expenditure Officers as needed and works with MASC to manage approval and share significant information

The EDC SRC then manages the purchasing and directs any questions or clarification to the EDP coordinators and Expenditure offices as needed

What the User Does
Fill in the top of the request form found on Insite and send it to EDC SRC to be processed. (http://engage/insite/forms/Shared%20Documents/EDP%20Request%20Form.docx )
Requester Information
Department / Division / Branch
EDP coordinator (if unknown you can look it up on http://intranet/technologyservices/compPurch/EDP_Coordinators.asp )
Shipping info; where do we send it and who will receive it

Purchase Information
Description of the equipment / software; how many are you ordering , and how soon do you need it
Will you accept current standard or equivalent
Provide Justification for the purchase how will it be used what is it's purpose in the ministry
What will this piece of equipment be replacing if anything

After that you send the filled in form to EDC SRC for processing

The Path Ahead
There is still much confusion about how to order IT equipment and software. To improve this we are suggesting the following:

Regular meetings with the expenditure officers and the EDP coordinators to provide information and respond to questions about the process or any issues

Keep the information on our website up to date

What would you like to see ?
Processing the Request
Is the item on standing offer?
If not then initiate a review process (leading to the procurement process)
Cell Phone (Currently a separate process is followed)
Is it currently a supported software application (if not then initiate a review process leading to the procurement process)
Do we already have available licenses (then proceed to an IMAC)
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