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Traditional Medicine

Global Studies Project 2010 pd. 5/6

Jenna Czyzewski

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine By: Jenna Czyzewski
Period: 5/6 China was one of the 1st countries to study medicine. And has over 5,000 years of ideas and practices. Treatments are acupuncture, herbal medicine,dietary therapy, Tui na and Shiatsu masages. The balance of yin-yang is seen as an overall balance of life. Many of the medical practices are based on this theory. Herbal Medicine Acupuncture Major Principles Taoism/Daoism Taoism/Daoism
Neo-Confusianism The Shen Nong's herbal classic is a 2,000 year old medicine book. The book classifies over 365 roots,grass,furs,animal,woods, and stones into 3 overall categories Dried plants and animal parts are used in making traditional chinese medicines. A belief of the chinese doctors is that vital energy helps the internal organs. The 5-Element Theory wood, fire, earth, metal, and water humans are intertwined with nature is the belief Diet and Excercise are vital in maintaining balance in of vital energy. If there was a catostrophic event...Traditional medicine should be one thing of importance. Medicine is important because practices and medicine combinations are learned that way. Healthcare is always one of the most important issues and was needed in the past, present, and will be needed in the future. The End!!!!!!
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