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Danielle Goodman

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of 1900-1920

The end of the 19th Century
Danielle, Sophie, Emily 1900-1920 1900 1900- William McKinley Reelected for President
1900- Eastman Kodak introduced the Brownie Box Camera. It made photography accessible for everyone.
1900- L. Frank Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
1901- President McKinley was assassinated. Theodore Roosevelt took over.
1901- The Paperclip was invented.
1901- Alabama constitution created to disenfranchise black.
1902- Animal Crackers were first introduced.
1903- Wright Brothers fly first powered, controlled, heavier than air plane.
1903- The Great Train Robbery was the first silent film.
1903- Henry Ford organized Ford Motor Company.
1903- King Gillette created the first safety razor.
1903- Crayola crayons were created.
1904- The ice cream cone was invented.
1904- Theodore Roosevelt reelected President.
1904- Jello was created.
1905- Albert Einstein announces his theory of relativity.
1905- New York City's Institute of Musical Art- later known as the Julliard School- is founded.
1905- First Nickelodeon opened in Pennsylvania. 1906- San Francisco Earthquake and Three Day Fire leave 500 dead.
1907- Oklahoma became the 46th state to join The Union.
1907- Plastic was invented.
1908- Henry Ford's Model T car went on sale for $825.
1908- William Taft was elected President.
1908- The world's largest telescope, 60 in., was built in California.
1908- The Grand Canyon National Monument was dedicated.
1909- NAACP (National Association for Advancement for Colored People) was founded.
1909- Chlorine was first added to public drinking water.
1909- Instant coffee hits the market.
1909- Abraham Lincoln's face replaces Indian head on the penny.
1910- Boy Scouts of America and Camp Fire Girls were incorporated.
1910- The electric washing machine was created. 1911-1915 1911- First use of air craft in a war.
1911- Alexander's Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin changes American music.
1911- First airplane pilot's license issued.
1912- The Titanic sinks.
1912- New Mexico becomes the 47th state to join The Union. Arizona became the 48th.
1912- Massachusetts creates a minimum wage law for women and children in private industry.
1913- Woodrow Wilson elected President.
1913- The 16th and 17th amendment were adopted.
1913- Bill creating U.S. Federal Reserve System became law.
1913- The Zipper was invented.
1913- Parcel Post delivery begins.
1914- Panama Canal officially opened.
August 3rd 1914- World War One Begins.
1914- The Fox Trot came around.
1914- Congress set up Federal Trade Commission.
1914- The Brassiere was patented.
1915- Ford Motor Company manufactures it's millionth Model T 1916 1916- Woodrow Wilson was reelected.
1916- First birth control clinic was opened.
1916- 9,000 cases and 6,000 deaths Nationwide were reported, due to Polio.
1916- Keds were introduced.
1916- Mr. Peanut becomes the symbol for Planters Nuts.
1916- Montana sends a woman to Congress. At this time, Most states still denied women the vote.
1917- U.S. sends first troops to France for World War One.
1917- U.S. Buy Virgin Islands from Denmark.
1917- The Jones Act grants U.S. citizenship to Puerto Ricans.
1918- World War One ends.
1918- Worldwide influenza epidemic strikes. An estimated 675,000 died in the U.S. alone.
1919- The 18th Amendment was adopted.
1920- 19th Amendment is ratified.
1920- Warren G. Harding elected President.
1920- U.S. population reached 106 million. 1906 The San Francisco Earthquake Occurred 1907 Williams & Walker perform for the king of England
1908 William Taft was elected president. 1909 NAACP (National Association for Advancement for Colored People) was founded. Stock Burlesque started to raise awareness. 1910 Queen of Burlesque, Lydia Thompson passed away. -President McKinley reelected for President 1901 -President McKinley assassinated
-Theodore Roosevelt takes over 1902 1903 1904 1905 -Theodore Roosevelt reelected President
-Lydia Thompson final performances -Bert Williams and George Walker perform "In Dahomey"
-Stepin Fetchit is born (Lincoln Perry)
-Motion pictures begin being shown in vaudeville shows -Minstrel shows continue to be a popular form of entertainment -2,000 vaudeville theaters in the United States -Burlesque theater owners formed vaudeville-style circuits (wheels) of small, medium, and big time plays and musicals -Millie DeLeon starts making headlines as a burlesque dancer
-Uncle Tom's Cabin was made: 14 min film with all white actors in blackface -President Woodrow Wilson was reelected
-First woman allowed in Congress 1917 1918 1919 1920 -Minsky's Burlesque House is raided
-Fred Astaire appears in vaudeville for the first time -World War I ends
-Burlesque star Sherry Britton is born
-"Birth of a Race" came out -Jackie "Moms" Mabley becomes one of the most popular and successful entertainers ever to grace the black vaudeville stage
-19th Amendment is ratified -18th Amendment was adopted
-Minstrel show popularity declines, only 3 troupes left in the United States 1911 -First use of air craft in a war. -The Titanic Sinks. 1912 - New Mexico becomes the 47th state to join The Union. Arizona became the 48th. 1911 -First airplane pilot's license issued. 1914 -B.F.Keith died at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida in 1914. 1913 -Woodrow Wilson elected President. August 3rd 1914- World War One Begins. 1914 1915 - Ford Motor Company manufactures it's millionth Model T - Alexander's Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin changes American music. - The 16th and 17th amendment were adopted. -In January, Bert Williams recorded several more sides for Columbia, including a new version of "Nobody".
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