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DY Patil ABS - IB an introduction

Information for parents.

Andrew Mitchell

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of DY Patil ABS - IB an introduction

IB - An Introduction. they are in the center for a reason! The Student English Language & Literature Dutch
French Business Management
History Chemistry
Physics Mathematics Standard and Higher levels A choice from one of the other groups or Online Film Studies What if...??? Options IB Certificates IB Certificates Online Subjects Online Students can enrich their subject choices by choosing one or more of the following:
Spanish or Mandarin ab initio
IT in a Global Society
Film. Where students choose a selection of subjects which can gain them University entrance. What are the core requirements? Extended Essay
Creativity, action, service
Theory of Knowledge A 4000 word essay where emphasis is placed on the research process which involves:

formulating an appropriate research question
engaging in a personal exploration of the topic
communicating ideas
developing an argument. Extended Essay Creativity - The arts
Action - Team sports, expeditions (local or international projects).
Service - Community and social service activities. Some examples include helping children with special needs, visiting hospitals and working with refugees or homeless people. Creativity, Action, Service This part of the course aims to make students aware of themselves as Knowers. Encouraging them to think about Knowledge and reflect on the ways different disciplines gain knowledge about, and view, the world. Theory of Knowledge Diploma of Higher education English.
Bachelor of Science Tonia Smilkstein David Vriens Yousra El Karouni Master of Education - Languages
(French Dutch English) Master of Languages - Germanic Philology Patrick Martin Chana Doman BS Business Management and
Historical Studies -MAED/TED-S
Secondary Education Lic Dip Marketing Management
MBA Cert Ed Karin Hartog Master of Science (Hons) -
Geology and Geophysics Rachel Poole (Debu) B.Engineering (Hons)
PGCE (Mathematics) Luka Cecelja Master in Human Movement
Master in Management
PGCE in PE B.A. Philosphy
B.Education Secondary English & Social Science Science Labs - 3 purpose built science labs IT Lab - 26 iMacs Wireless - Apple TV enables projectors in every classroom Library/Multimedia -
Print and electronic research facilities and links with local Universities. Our school emphasises academic achievement in a caring, structured and purposeful environment. We connect students to the global community, encouraging each individual to reach their full potential and setting them on the pathway to an English medium university education. What next...??? Next step The future belongs to them! and then... Training & Development Our First IB Class Consultation IB staff have already undertaken training in order to prepare for the first IB year in September 2013. Reviewing Policy and Curriculum and continued support and advice in preperation for verification. Detailed review and recommendations from the IB Organisation. Verification Visit Jan/Feb 2013 Continued training and development of staff.
Counseling of students to assist with subject choices.
Sustained and focused marketing campaign to attract the very best students to our school and diversify our student base. September 2013 I have talked enough!!! Questions???
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