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The Chase by Annie Dillard

No description

Hannah Willis

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of The Chase by Annie Dillard

Hannah, Erin, Katie, Hunter
The Chase by Annie Dillard
A young girl is describing her experience of playing football and baseball and throwing
She describes in winter how when neither baseball or football is around her and the boys threw snowballs at passing cars
One day they hit a man in a Buick and he got out of the car and went running after them
After a ten block chase the man caught her and her friend and began to yell at them. In the essay she says "He could only begin with, 'You stupid kids,' and continue in his ordinary Pittsburgh accent with his normal righteous anger and the usual common sense.

The Story
This is a subjective essay because the author says things like, " Every time I glanced back, choking for breath, I expected he would have quit." and "I pulled off my sopping mittens."
Subjective Essay
1st person essay because she is telling us of her own experiences, she uses a lot of "I" and "We" throughout the essay.
ex. "We listened perfunctorily indeed, if we listened at all, for the chewing out was redundant, a mere formality, and beside the point."
ex. "My lips felt swollen; I couldn't see out of the sides of my eyes; I kept coughing."
1st person essay
The author states that, "I was seven; the boys were eight, nine, and ten." so we can assume that her audience is for younger, middle school aged children.

The Essay
This made a very good narrative essay. She gave a lot of good descriptions and explained everything that happened in detail.
She gave some information describing things that affected the main story about the snowball and gave many details describing the chase and what happened after.
The purpose was to entertain the readers with a story about a great chase.
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