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So You Want to be an Extension Agent?

Shannon McGee explores what the Extension Service is, what it looks like in FL, and becoming an Extension Agent.

Shannon Carnevale

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of So You Want to be an Extension Agent?

What is UF IFAS Extension?
FL Cooperative
Extension Service
An Extension Agent is:
1 A link to the University
2 A community educator
3 A resource for local government
4 Personable
7 Versatile
A Day in the Life
Traditional Extension, Modern Challenges
There are county extension offices.
Each office is unique
Agents have diverse roles
Morrill Act and Smith-Lever Act
Morrill Act passed and signed by Abraham Lincoln
Florida Agricultural College established in Lake City
University of Florida in Gainesville opens its doors
Smith-Lever Act is passed
A Tale of Two Masters
County Extension offices operate under a
Memorandum of Understanding
between the County Government and the University of Florida.
What does a Natural Resources Agent do?
Since there are so few Natural Resources Extension Agents, there isn't a precedent.
That is a great question.
How do I get a job as an Extension Agent?
Carnevale, Shannon
(863) 519-1051
"Hiking Tips" video shoot 2014
Biggest Liriodendron tulipifera EVER!
LAKEWATCH Training 2011
Jobs at UF

County Faculty = County Extension Agent
State Faculty = Regional Specialized Extension Agent
Know what Job
you are aiming for!
Class choices now, are important later
Jobs, internships, externships, volunteer work, lab experience
Work Experience
B.S. Forest Resources and Conservation

M.S. Agricultural Education and Communication
Introduction to GIS
Forest Ecology
Tree Biology
Forest Health
Society and Natural Resources
Wildlife Ecology and Management
Fire Science and Ecology
Forest Economics
Forest Operations
Integrated Forest Management
Internship: US Department of Agriculture
Biological Science Aid, 20 hours/week, two years
Lab assistant: School of Forest Resources and Conservation
10 hours/week, three months
Project Manager: School of Forest Resources and Conservation
40 hours/week, three months
Project Manager: School of Forest Resources and Conservation
40 hours/week, ten months

6 Driven
5 Passionate
"These programs [Extension Programs] aren't just relevant, they're essential and they need to receive the support of public policy makers."
Adam Putnam, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture
"Many countries have research, agricultural research, but what they don't have is that group of people who take the research and then take it to the people."
Sandy Rikoon, professor of Rural Sociology, University of Missouri
Links and Sources
Adam Putnam, http://southeastagnet.com/2011/02/14/fl-commissioners-spotlight-on-land-grant-colleges-and-extension/
Sandy Rikoon, http://www.npr.org/2012/07/05/156301146/land-grant-universities-and-future-of-agriculture
IFAS Jobs Website:
Winter Haven
Polk County
Population: 609,492
Extension Agents: 9
Program Assistants: 3
Citrus, Livestock, 4-H Youth Development, Natural Resources and Conservation, Small Farms, Urban Horticulture, Smart Nutrition, Dairy, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Pesticide Licensing
Educational Programming:
Alachua County
Population: 249,365
Extension Agents: 6
Program Assistants: 0
Livestock, 4-H Youth Development, Natural Resources and Conservation, , Commercial Horticulture, Family and Consumer Sciences, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Pesticide Licensing, Environmental Horticulture, Agriculture
Educational Programming:
Where is the Alachua County Extension Office?
We provide
Do urban audiences care about agricultural issues?
Are we advocates?
Should UF IFAS serve the community as a moderator for "WICKED" issues?
Any Questions?
- Degree Track: Forest Resource Management
Search "Extension"
Search "Extension"
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