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To kill a mockinbird social inequality

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Javier Lizarazo

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of To kill a mockinbird social inequality

Social Inequality in To Kill a Mockingbird Social inequality refers to the ways in which socially-defined categories of persons (according to characteristics such as gender, age, ‘class’ and ethnicity) are differentially positioned with regard to access to a variety of social ‘goods’, such as the labour market and other sources of income, the education and healthcare systems, and forms of political representation and participation. Definition of social inequality These problems mostly often occur in places where there is a huge difference among the individuals living there. This can be whether of wealth, history, education or age. Social Inequality... To Kill a Mockingbird In this book, there's a clear difference among the people living in the Maycomb town. Two of the principal characters (Jem and Scout) know what is happenning with this type of discrimination. The social strata is classified as whites on the top, whites that are good for nothing in the middle and black at the end. Scout knows this difference and is able to explain it with walter's case, but does not have an idea of why there is this type of social discrimination. What does scout think about this? She thinks that everybody should be treated the same without any discrimination towards a different characteristic that an individual posseses. Since she wants to stop this, she decides to make friends like Walter Cunningham... But she is stopped by Aunt Alexandra while she says that no Finch will have a Cunningham as friend.
Aunt Alexandra doesn't let Scout have friends like the Cunninghams Scout is frustrated Because she doesn't understand why the world has to be like that The social strata in this book is organized as: White people (the finch) White trash (The Ewells) Black People (Tom Robinson) Thanks
By: Javier Lizarazo

PD: Say no to social inequality :)
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