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AP Literature Terms - Thematic Meaning

These are some terms writers may use to explain the universal meaning in literary works. Enjoy!

Erin Lace

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of AP Literature Terms - Thematic Meaning

THEMATIC MEANING A theme is NOT a topic a moral A theme IS what the reader now understands about life, the world, or society the "so what" of the piece Archetype TERMS TO KNOW Emblem Imagery Motif Symbol Theme Thesis Tone reoccurring theme, character, or pattern Ex: the wise counselor; the quest object that represents something abstract has a fixed meaning something concrete that represents something abstract can mean different things in different situations EX: "mockingbird" = innocent victim reoccuring image, structure, or other device EX: "visions" in Hamlet You already know this one, right?
Five senses ring a bell? Got an example? (We just talked about this) You know this in writing...
and it's the same in literature
Yay a BIG test term How is it different from "mood"? What are some good "tone" words? All of these terms relate to THEME , so theme must be pretty important if we need all these things just to talk about it, right? universal - could apply to almost anyone, almost anywhere
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