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Social Media Presentation

2013 Sales Conference

ashley perkin

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Presentation

The Journey From One..to MANY! Social Media The Social Media Revolution Our Place in the Dynamic Online Landscape. FACEBOOK We have 15,285 Facebook Fans!
+5,301% since 2010
+ 15,002 new fans
(began with 283) Social Media has changed the world we live in, how we reach people...and ultimately the future of our brand marketing.
Check it Out! 2013 Goals We are ahead of these competitors: We Will Catch these brands in 2013! Twitter With 8,251 Tweeps we are up+288% since 2010 & ahead of
these competitors...
(began with 2,127) BLOG & VLOG Emily Orofino is..."The Skinformant" pinboard-style photo sharing More Personal Posts Similar to Twitter/Facebook: Social Network of Photos Mobile (exclusive to iPhones and Androids) Different Filters to Choose From! #dailyfoodie #manimonday - hashtag #trends
- tagging @dgskincare
- posting your Sephora/Nordstrom etc location. Take advantage of: Caption Contest! Your Caption Here! Your Caption Here! Hint: Score extra points when you tag @dgskincare and use a hashtag trend #happyholidays/#catchSALifyoucan PRIZE: $50 AMEX GIFTCARD 2013 Social Media Calendar January February March April May June July August September October November December *Resolutions
*Ferulic Eye *Makeup Tips
*Valentine's Day
*Awards Season
*American Heart Health
*Black History Awareness *Spring Break
*Exfoliation *Self Tanning
*Hand & Feet Treatments
*900 5th Launch
*Rosacea Awareness Month *National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month.
*Sun Tips, donate $1 per "LIKE"
*CC Cream SPF 18
*National Salad Month
*National Physical Fitness Month *Promote QVC TSV 6/17
*Win a FaceTime with Dr Gross!
*Skin Cancer Prevention/Sun Tips *Hair
*Independence Day
*Antioxidants-fight free radicals from sun damage *Cleansing
*Sun Damage *Acne
*Skin Cancer Awareness Month
*Back to School/Back to Basics *Halloween *Healthy Lifestyle Habits
*Travel Tips before the Holidays *Holiday Tips & Tricks
*Winter Skincare Regimen Tips! We were an early adopter, one of the first beauty brands to join! Check out our BIG 8 Brand Partners & Event Highlights The Facebook of Business Facebook 15,285
Twitter 8,253
You Tube 83
NEW! Instagram 184
NEW! Pinterest 200
NEW! Linked In 108 What It Looks Like http://www.linkedin.com/company/dr.-dennis-gross-skincare?goback=%2Enpv_42551882_*1_*1_name_HDe*5_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_NUS_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1&trk=company_logo How It Works create a virtual résumé
connect with colleagues, friends, and classmates
explore networking and career opportunities http://blog.dgskincare.com/ What You Can Do become a member!
list yourself as an employee of DGSkincare
connect with your colleagues
join industry groups and talk us up! "insider" knowledge
tips & tricks
contests Here's to an amazing 2013!

And Now for the Contest Winners... Explosive Facebook & Twitter Growth! 5,234 8,567 9,273 5,013 38,328 19,957 33,669 5,994 3,028 2,340 3,128 6,447 4,713 6,343 3,669 571 21,846 Who to Catch on Twitter in 2013... 14,469 27,119 22,434 31,980 BRAGGING RIGHTS... 85% of Instagrammers use the platform
at work. WAY above any other social
media format. Our New Year's Resolution?

To be more strategic & consistent!


http://www.dgskincare.com/events *Breast Cancer Awareness OUR STATS: We LOVE getting your pictures!

Going forward, please get permission from the client for us to post images/videos.

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