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Eagle Scout Association, St. Louis, Missouri

Eagle Scout Association, St. Louis, Missouri serving the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Michael Brand

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Eagle Scout Association, St. Louis, Missouri

"A 'Flying Squad' ready to do what St. Louis Scouting needs" Scouting Magazine www.stlesa.org “On my honor, I will do my best to make my training
an example and my status and my influence count strongly
for better Scouting and for better citizenship in my Troop,
in my community, and in my contacts with other people.
To this I pledge my sacred honor.” For some, it is through service in the classroom, a laboratory, the local community or the Peace Corps. For others, it leads to the great outdoors, the Appalachian Trail, the South Pole, or the summit of Mount Everest. For some, it continues on to the business world, the executive suite or the corner office, Congress or even to the White House. Because the Trail to Eagle doesn’t really stop at Eagle. You do your best each day to make your training an example of your rank, and for your influence to help bring about better Scouting in your troop, through citizenship in your community, and in your contacts with other people. To this you pledged your sacred honor. Because every day you earn it as a man. Scouting opportunities including:

• Scouting Community Service Projects
• Scholarship Opportunities
• Fellowship and Networking
• Organizational Leadership
• Events / Activities
• Life Long Learning
• Membership Directory

Your $300 Lifetime or $20 Annual Membership Fee supports these Service Projects, Activities, Events, and the Annual recognition of the Eagle Scout Class.

A small portion is used to offset administrative costs associated with the organization. Membership Benefits The Eagle Scout Associate of Greater St. Louis:

Eagle Scouts ages 18 to 80+.

Members earned their Eagle Scout rank
in St. Louis and throughout the U.S.
and represent virtually every trade and profession.

ESA provides fun and fellowship. Get to know other Eagle Scouts.
Remember why Scouting is great.
Create new Scouting stories. Join the Eagle Scout Association of Greater St. Louis today! Giving back to Scouting by providing:

Advancement opportunities on the Trail to Eagle
Service to the Greater St. Louis Area Council
Camaraderie to all Scouts Get involved today.
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