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Forms of Oppression

No description

lisa eberling

on 25 February 2018

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Transcript of Forms of Oppression

Excessive, unjust and cruel use of authority.

-the feeling of being heavily burdened , mentally or physically by troubles, adverse conditions, and anxiety
1963- He gave the speech ' I have a dream'
Which one?
W.I. Thomas - an American Sociologist stated ' it is not important whether or not the interpretation is correct - if men define situations as real they are real in their consequences.'
Media plays more of a role then people realize. People learn about the world through varying forms of media t.v., magazines, movies, internet
- the belief that your culture is 'normal' and superior to other cultures.
can be
-individual or
Cultural Imperialism
a form of oppression where the dominant group has made their beliefs and values the norm of a society
Tattoos/ Body piercings normal, acceptable?

Internalized Oppression
occurs when targeted people internalize ( or begin to believe) the negative stereotypes and misinformation that the larger society communicates to them, either as individuals or part of a larger group
Is used to describe inherent discrimination against people who have developmental, emotional, physical or psychiatric disabilities in favour of people who are not disabled
Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination against individuals or groups because of their age, it also refers to the tendency to view seniors as unable to work, confused and fragile
systemic oppression of subordinate classes of people by the dominant class in order to gain advantage and strengthen their own positions
Hetero sexism
The belief in the natural superiority of heterosexuality as a way of life and therefore it's logical right to dominance. That sexual minorities are second class citizens with regard to various legal and human rights, economic opportunities and social equality.

A set of ideas that entails the supremacy of one social group over another based on biological or cultural characteristics, combined with the power to put these beliefs into practices to the exclusion of minority men and women
the attitudes or bahviours based on the belief that one sex is superior to the other, often resulting in the discrimination or devaluation of that sex and the roles related to it.
Discrimination against individuals based on their body size, including height and weight
Rosa Parks
March on Washington
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Why was this speech so Important?
Dr. King speaks to all oppressed minorities and encourages understanding, inter group dialogue, and non-violent resistance to injustice
Any Questions from last week?

Reading for this week
Chapter 2 :Oppression
Over generalizations about appearances, behaviour or other categories of members of a group.
Prejudices (beliefs)
- A negative attitude based on learned notions about members of a selected group
Discrimination (action)
- actions or practices of dominant group members that have a harmful impact on members of a subordinate group
Discrimination based on
Stereo types = Thoughts
Prejudice = Beliefs
Discrimination = Actions
We all have prejudices, stereotypes and biases about members of groups different from ourselves
Imagine how stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination refract through a prism of oppression to become:
Social Construction of Power
- Power is the ability to achieve what you set out to do even in the face of adversity, or when other people are opposing you
Where do they come from?
- Oh I come from a land, from a far away place
- Where the caravan camels roam
- Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face,
it's barbaric, but hey, it's home
- When the wind's from the east and the sun's from the
west and the sand in the glass is right
- Come on down, stop on by hop a carpet and fly
- To another Arabian night
Tells us the middle east is a barren waste land whose justice system runs on a clean and simple limb removal policy
People are ranked according to their Socio economic status (SES)
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