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Interactive Notebooks in ELA

No description

Laurette Whipps

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of Interactive Notebooks in ELA

Interactive Notebooks

Setting Goals:
It takes students between 3-5 minutes just to write their "I Can" statements, and this eats into class time daily.

TIP: Give students "I Can" statements in the form of inserts. They can simply paste them in their interactive notebooks and move on to their APK in a matter of seconds!
TIP: APK should connect with students' lives/real world, and still have it tie directly back to the day's lesson.
#TWEET Evidence
Entrance Ticket: Twitter
Nya and Salva have tweeted what happened to them in chapter 4.
Based on this evidence, hash-tag your inference about how Nya and Salva are feeling at this point.
Salva's Tweet:
I joined the group of walkers who were from my Dinka tribe and continued walking. One member of the group, named Buksa, heard something; I followed him, and we found a beehive.

Nya's Tweet:
I returned home, was given food, and was told by my mother that I needed to take my five-year-old sister on my second walk to the pond today.
New Information
This section is consumed with tools that will help students remember different skills/strategies they are learning in class.
Pictures, Notes
Graphic Organizers
TIP: Allow students to interact with new information multiple times throughout the lesson.
During this time, not only do students revisit their learning targets, but they also reflect on the connections between today's lesson and each learning target.
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