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Unit 8 Vocabulary

No description

Jada Markham

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Unit 8 Vocabulary

(n.) the central point or heart of a matter; a knob
After seemingly endless digressions, the speaker finally got to the nub of his argument.
synonyms - core, nucleus
antonyms - fringe, edge
connotation - neutral
Unit 8 Vocabulary
(n.) a violent attack; a sudden rush of something
To prepare for the onslaught of winter, we replenished our supply of firewood and rock salt.
synonyms - assault, charge, onset
connotation - negative
(v.) to establish by law; to order or command; to appoint as a priest or minister; to destine
Ancient astrologers believed that the stars could ordain one's future.
synonyms - anoint, enact,
antonyms - forbid, veto, cancel
connotation - neutral
(v.) to get ahead of, do better than, exceed
By offering customers low prices and good terms, the next store hopes to outstrip the competition.
synonyms - outdo, surpass
antonyms - trail, lag behind
connotation - positive

(n.) a small part remaining behind
By the end of the war, the rebels had but a remnant of their former strength.
synonyms - remainder, fragment
connotation - neutral
(adj.) happening or existing at the same time
The diplomats put on headphones so that they could listen to a simultaneous translation of the speed.
synonyms - concurrent
antonyms - occurring at different times
(v.) to turn aside sharply; (n.) a sharp or sudden turn
Be aware that if you swerve too sharply, you may lose control of the car.
synonyms - (v.) sheer off, veer

(v.) to spread throughout
Pollutants pervade the atmosphere of many of our nation's largest cities.
synonyms - permeate, saturate
connotation - neutral

(adj.) cautious. careful, showing good sense
It pays to make prudent investments.
synonyms - wary, sensible
antonyms - foolish, unwise, reckless
connotation - neutral
(v.) to put out, extinguish, end
The firefighters will quench the flames with water.
synonyms - douse, stifle
antonyms - ignite, kindle
connotation - positive
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