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Active Expression

No description

Scott Hicks

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Active Expression

This is your new voting device
It looks complicated,
but it really isn't.

Today I am going to show
you how to use it.

First lets look at the
buttons to see what
they are.

This is the power button.
To turn on or off the
voting device, just push
and hold this button for
2 seconds.
try it now
When it turns on
the screen will look like this
Now lets learn the rest of the buttons
These are "hot keys"
When the answer
is multiple choice
or true false, you will
use these keys to answer
These are the number keys. They are just like a cell phone.
If you want a "c" you have to press the 2 button three times quickly.
These are the symbol or punctuation buttons.
This is the delete key.
If you make a mistake, just press this button and delete the letters like on a keyboard.
This button changes letters to capital letters.
You can also switch to numbers.
These buttons are navigation buttons that allow you to move around in the display if you need to.
You won't use the
menu button.
This button is just like the enter key on a computer
Now that you know how to work it, lets practice.
By: Scott P. Hicks
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