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007 James Bond

No description

Andres Santelices

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of 007 James Bond

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com James Bond Actors Sean Connery
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig James Bond Story The James Bond Barrels are a kind of circle that is always in the intros of James Bond movies. This circles follow Bond till he turn around and take a shot to the middle circle of the barrel and blood start to fall from the top of it. James Bond Barell James Bond was an English orphan that later became an intenational spy. He works in the MI6 in which M (the boss of MI6) gives him missions. He is a professional undercover agent and he has a license to kill. The creator of the James Bond and his books:
Ian Flemming 1953

The directors that made the majority of the James Bond movies:
John Glen
Terence Young
Guy Hamilton
Lewis Gilbert James Bond Movies -Dr.No
-From Russia with Love
-You only live twice
-On Her Majesty's Secret Service
-Diamonds Are Forever
-Live and Let Die
-The Man with the Golden Gun
-The Spy Who Loved Me
-For Your Eyes Only
-A View to a Kill
-The Living Daylights
-Licence to Kill
-GoldenEye -Tomorrow Never Dies
-The world is not enough
-Die Another Day
-Casino Royale
-Quantum of Solace
-Skyfall -Ernst Stavro Blofeld
- Oddjob
- Red Grant
-Francisco Scaramanga -Dr. Kananga Alias MR. Big
-May Day
-Xenia Onatopp
-General Anatol Gogol
-Dr. Julius No
-Kamal Khan
-Emilio Largo
-Aristotle Kristatos
-Dr. Silva -Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd -Le Chiffre
-Mischka y Grischka
-Irma Bunt
-Hugo Drax
-Sr. Osato
-Milton Krest
-Tee Hee
-Alec Trevelyan -Onatopp
-General Ourumov
-Dominic Greene
-General Medrano
-Max Zorin
-Gustave Graves James Bond Villains James Bond Movies SoundTracks Singers of the soundtracks of the
films of James Bond:

-John Barry Orch.
-Shirley Bassey
-Tom Jones
-Nancy Sinatra
-Paul McCartney
-Carly Simons
-Sheena Easton
-Rita Coolidge
-Gladys Knight
-Tina Turner
-Sheryl Crow
-Chris Cornell
-Jack White & Alicia Keys
-Adele By: Andres Santelices -Honey Ryder
· Sylvia Trench
· Tatiana Romanova
· Jill Masterson
· Pussy Galore
· Dominique Derval
· Patricia Fearing
· Fiona Volpe
· Aki
· Kissy Suzuki
· Tracy di Vecenzo
· Ruby Bartlett
· Tiffany Case
· Plenty O'Toole
· Solitaire
· Mary Goodnight
· Andrea Anders
· Anya Amasova
· Holly Goodhead
· Corinne Dufour · Bibi Dahl
· Octopussy
· Magda
· May Day
· Stacey Sutton
· Pola Ivanova
· Kara Milovy
· Pam Bouvier
· Lupe Lamora
· Natalya Simonova
· Paris Carver
· Wai Lin
· Dr. Molly
· Dr. Christmas Jones
· Elektra King
· Jinx
· Miranda Frost
· Vesper Lynd
· Solange
· Melina Havelock Bonds Girls -M
-James Bond
-Bond Girl
-Agents of the MI6 James Bond Principal Characters James Bond 50 Years Aniversary The British superspy first hit the big screen on Oct. 5, 1962, when "Dr. No" opened in theaters, introducing Ian Fleming's suave 007 to the masses.

Now, a half-century and six Bond actors later, the series is one of the longest running in history, having made $4.9 billion in ticket sales over 22 films. The 23rd Bond movie, "Skyfall," release in U.S. theaters on Nov. 9.
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