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Modal Auxiliaries for French students

No description

Suzanne FitzGerald

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Modal Auxiliaries for French students

Obligation &
Prohibition Must/Must not (100%) Possibility &
Probability Permission can/could Necessity need Advice should/ought to A quick guide MODAL AUXILARIES Can
Could May
Might should/shouldn't (50%)
ought to/oughtn't to (50%) may/might needn't avoir besoin de ne pas avoir
besoin de had better "tu devrais te faire
couper les cheveux" "You've got an interview,
you had better buy yourself a suit" "Tu as un entretien,
donc tu ferais mieux de t'acheter un costume" "It could/might be fine tomorrow" "Il pourrait faire beau demain" You must not drive on the right in the UK! "(In my opinion) you should get your hair cut." Can/Could I borrow your pen, please? May / Might I open the window, please? You should / ought to do your homework
(but that's just my opinion) Tu devrais faire tes devoirs
(mais ceci est mon point de vue) John said I might go with him I need a holiday! You needn't come if you don't want to When I was little I couldn't speak English! Ability She can sing I can dance!
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