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Christiano Ronaldo

Famous Athlete

Sudeep Sahni

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Christiano Ronaldo

CHRISTIANO RONALDO The Beginning When he was in his teens he went for more competetive soccer with CD NACIONAL. He then went to Sporting Lisbon in 1997 to compete at a higher level. He started his football career in Sporting Lisbon. His incredible gift was shown to much of Europe. During the fame he was requested by many elite soccer clubs in Europe and the one that captured his signature is Alex Ferguson on Manchester United for 15 MILLION EUROS! Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on Febuary 5, 1985 in Portugal, Madeira in Fuchal During his time in Manchester he developed partnership with famous athlete Wayne Rooney. In his last year in Manchester he said he dreamed to play in Spain until his dream became true when Real Madrid from Spain got him for a world record transfer fee of 94 million euros. After leaving Manchester United he showed great gratitude to the club especially to Fergurson for being his father in sport. 2003-2009 After being bought out by Madrid for 94 million Euros, Ronaldo is now the most expensive footballer in the world. From 2009 to today, he currently plays for Madrid. When he first started he played in Jersey No.9 to represent the legend of Madrid Alfredo Di Stéfano who was a excellent footballer like Ronaldo, then later he went back to No.7 jersey. During his first 2 season he won many accolades such as 2009 Ballon d’Or award or the Golden Boot. Ronaldo is considered the best player in the world but the one thing that stands in his way to being completely No.1 and a thorn in his life has to be Lionel Messi who is Argentinean footballer that plays for Spain La Liga FC Barcelona. Ronaldo is known to be a competitive person in his image and the thing that makes him frustrated as a footballer is Messi. 'king'
MESSI The One thing that is in Renaldo’s way Ronaldo is keen about his personal life to be kept out of the media. Ronaldo is a non-alcholic after his father has passed away from drinking. He dates many sexy women around the world, he currently has a son with one of his girlfriend's. PERSONAL LIFE Resources www.Christiano Ronaldo.com
http://www.cristianoronaldo.com/biography.php Wikipedia for additional records and information Images from Google By: Sudeep Sahni The Start of a Great Footballer The Start of a Great Footballer
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